Acebox Believes that a growing organisation and a skilled personnel deserve to find one another. After all, they’ll be spending a great deal of time with one another.

The introduction of clients to candidates by a third party with in-depth knowledge and understanding of both is the best way to begin successful relationships.

We come with an industry experience of 10+ years in the region and have been helping companies and individuals undergo transformations. We help companies attract the right talent, enabling them to transform their business growth and culture. And we help individuals find the right companies, enabling them to uplift their careers.

Founded in the United Arab Emirates, we are one of the preferred partners in the MENA region for IT and Non-IT, skilled based hiring. Since our inception, we have been reached by big groups and highly skilled professionals for finding their right fit.  Acebox Team has been involved in placing high-calibre professionals from around the world with key positions, while building strong relationships with a network of business clients throughout the Middle East.

Our Exceptionally talented team comes with immense experience of the region and with the latest economic trends. The only way to ensure that the specific needs and aspirations of both, the company and the candidate, complement and support one another is by maintaining relationships with both and keeping them informed of new opportunities or outstanding personnel looking to make their next move in the region.

If you are looking to take your business of career to next level, contact Acebox team to help you for a consultation.